Lower Villages

The Lower Villages

The Lower Villages on the Map of the Desert Mountain Community make up 14 villages . They are Deer Run, Desert Hills, Eagle Feather, Gambel Quail, Gambel Quail Preserve, Lone Mountain, Lookout Ridge, Mountain Skyline, Renegade Trail, Sonoran Cottages, Sonoran Ridge, Sunrise, The Haciendas and Turquoise Ridge. We distinguish them calling them the “Lower Villages” only from the location and proximity to the man front gated entrance. Some of the reasons to live within the “Lower Villages” could be access on and off property, especially if there are younger children going to school and outside activities. As a member myself  joining the club back in 1996, I had two younger children and chose to live in the “Lower Village” location of Desert Hills just for that main reason and also to be within walking distance to the Sonoran Clubhouse facility.